Violin and Bow Making Summer School 2018

Violin & Bow Making Summer School 2018

Date: Monday 9th July 2018 to Friday 27th July 2018

Venue: St. John’s Central College of Further Education, Sawmill Street, Cork

Cost: €650 for 3 weeks, €450 for 2 weeks, €250 for 1 week and €60 daily rate (no change since 2016)

Note: The 2018 Summer School is fully booked out

Hugo Vegter is running a 3 week Violin and Bow Making course in Cork City at St. John’s Central College starting on 9th July 2018.  This course has been running for over 20 years with Hugo taking over the running of the course from Bill Patterson in 2009.  Year after year enthusiastic participants return to complete works on their instrument learning all the different aspects of violin and bow making, from selection of the correct wood to the proper application of the varnish. The course is aimed at all instrument making enthusiasts including those with no woodworking experience. In general a student who is new to instrument making may only finish a scroll in 3 weeks. Hugo always has new people start on the scroll to get them familiar with the tools they would need to use and the fine detail they need to get used to.

Participants can attend the full 3 weeks of the course or they can attend specific days throughout the 3 week period as their schedule allows.  Space is limited on the course to a maximum of 10 participants per day so advance booking for desired days is advised.  As we want to ensure the best cost value for each participant we hold off on fixing a cost for the course until we know how many people will be attending and then working out the fairest cost based on the numbers. 


For further information please choose from one of the following contacts:


Workshop Phone: 021 450 6868

Mobile (Hugo): 087 951 9838

Mobile (Niamh): 086 606 9135

Phone 021 450 6868

Fax 021 450 6868

Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm; Outside these hours by Appointment