Bowed Instruments

Vegter Violins sell a large range of instruments and bows of all sizes, ranging from student level to professional quality.  

We make the quality promise that any instrument sold by us will be taken back in trade when the player is ready to upgrade the instrument. This is subject to the condition of the returned instrument.

The following are some of the instruments that are available to purchase from Vegter Violins.  If interested in viewing an instrument please contact the Workshop in advance so that we can ensure that the instrument is in the Workshop on the required day.

4/4 Violins

  • Vincenzo Trusiano Panormo, Paris 1766
  • Charles & Samuel Thompson, London circa 1780; Alliance Vivace strings, restored by Beare, London
  • Hugo Vegter, Cork 2004; 1704 StradModel, 50-year-old Italian Maple, 40-year-old French Alpine Spruce Top
  • Wm. Shepherd, London, 1976; signed
  • Fine Antique Violin, circa 1835, labelled Joseph Horenstainer, Mittenwald, 1735
  • Acoulon et Blondelet, Sarasate Professionel d’après Nicolaus Amati, 1659
  • Quality starter and advanced student outfits at various price ranges

Small Size Violins 

  • We sell small sized violin outfits from 1/8 upwards
  • Student 1/2 violin outfits from €280
  • Quality 1/2 violins up to €1200
  • Student 3/4 violin outfits from €310
  • Quality 3/4 violins up to €2000


  • Hugo Vegter, Cork, 2010; Andrea Amati model, 15 ½"
  • Hugo Vegter, Cork, 1993: Andrea Guarneri model, 16“, 1st prize winner, RDS 1995 
  • Antonio Giusberti, Vigevano, 1975; 16 ⅝"
  • Heritage copy of Giovanni Paolo Maggini “Dumas”, 16"
  • Quality Violas from 15" to 16 1/2"
  • Quality student outfits starting at 14"


  • Alosisus Vincentius Honěk, Prague, 1973
  • Santos Hernandez, Madrid, 1908
  • Sinfonica Antiqued, 2002
  • Rudolph Fiedler Workshop, Unhost, near Prague, 2001
  • Advanced student Master Series 'Cello available
  • Quality student outfits in 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes

Double Bass

  • Sinfonica all Solid Antiqued

All above listed instruments come with an improved set-up and leave the workshop in its best playing condition.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to purchase back instruments sold in the workshop.

Special Offers

Vegter Violins will follow in the tradition of Patterson Violins in supplying the "Camden Outfit", instrument outfits which include the instrument, case and bow with an improved set-up and leaves the workshop in its best playing condition.  Please contact the Workshop on 021 450 6868 for more information.


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